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He's very measured, very considered, very cogitate in decision making," the former Inter Milan CEO told M.
To cogitate on the meaning of life, the distinction between animate and inanimate beings will suffice.
His Highness lauded the harmonious display of various artistic tastes which supports modern artistic of modernism and development which provides huge opportunity to enjoy and cogitate such high sense of creativity and excellence.
Now let us cogitate on the aftermath of such events.
With John and Gregg left behind to deliberate, cogitate and digest (and for me to regret) our celebs' meaty offerings, the not-so-famous five ventured into a professional kitchen where, without explanajust tion, they referred to the chef as "chef " rather than by his actual name.
Its motto Haec Cogitate means: "Think on these things.
As part of our annual feature (on page 40), we asked a number of industry insiders of all different stripes to cogitate and postulate.
The hotel's top-class restaurant, its terrace and its stunning river rooms offer guests ample opportunity to see this famous land and riverscape and cogitate upon just what this permanent fuss is all about.
As you cogitate on your New Year's resolutions, loosening up more can certainly feature.
In the meantime, I had about a full week to cogitate on the matter, to think about where we were and to decide what the next steps might be.
Such last-minute debuts certainly don't give voters the chance to cogitate and digest the more subtle or enduring qualities of their work--as happened, for example, with "The Pianist," which won Cannes' Palme d'Or and deepened its support over the months that followed.
focus on the importance of natural language as the carrier of knowledge and intelligence as a common factor in making computers cogitate more like humans.