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While a certain amount of dross would be included by such an approach and would include numerous terms for 'a fodder grass' or the equivalent, the resulting core was likely to contain the great bulk of any potential cognate etyma.
Cognate was created so that companies - specifically startups and small businesses - do not have to balance claiming their trademark rights with the cost and time associated with filing a government registration.
Tiring of all the common ab- and ad- prefixes, I jumped to the first six pages of M and found only two pairs, both of which are both cognates and make good phrases.
The use of cognates also can help teachers increase word awareness in LMSs, a task highly associated with the development of academic English.
As shown by Aikio (2002 : 13), the word also has a Samoyed cognate which shows a semantic innovation: Ngan d'evhia 'clothes', NenT jempa?
1 stem with dubious cognate in Ugric (samb 'sturgeon') may be identical with another Indo-Iranian loan stem (sammas 'column').
Cognates are words that have the same root word in two different languages.
The researchers produced possible language trees based on estimated rates at which languages gained and lost cognates.
The use of cognates, teaching the meaning of basic words, and review and reinforcement are important steps in developing the vocabulary of ELLs.
Where are the borders between ceremonially or musically cognate genres, and what is the nature of those borders?
These essays on biblical prayer appear in the first yearbook of the recently created International Society for the Study of Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature.
the sea monster Tiamat from the Mesopotamian creation myths, cognate with the "deep" [Heb.