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COGNISANCE, pleading. Where the defendant in an action of replevin (not being entitled to the distress or goods which are the subject of the replevin) acknowledges the taking of the distress, and insists that such taking was legal, not because he himself had a right to distrain on his own account, but because he made the distress by the command of another, who had a right to distrain on the goods which are the subject of the suit. Lawes on Pl. 35, 36; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3571.

COGNISANCE, practice. Sometimes signifies jurisdiction and judicial power, an sometimes the hearing of a matter judicially. It is a term used in the acknowledgment of a fine. See Vaughan's Rep. 207.

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15 ( ANI ): Goa Governor Mridula Sinha has directed the authorities concerned to take cognisance into the matter of escort service websites promoting sex tourism in the state.
We expect the international community to take cognisance of the belligerent and repeated Indian statements against Pakistan, which are not only against international law but also threatens regional peace and security," the FO spokesperson noted.
He said the law that is applied on matters election must take cognisance of the electoral law adding that the same must be applied with wisdom principled by deliberations.
At several places across the country such shameful incidents have happened and the commission has also taken cognisance in some of these cases.
After taking cognisance of that, we informed AMU administration asking them to enquire.
Taking suo moto cognisance of the requests received from the schools, the board has decided to arrange for subject teachers for all five schools in the valley which may take help after assessing respective need.
We don't take cognisance to Pakistan's objection to the draft bill.
The time has come to take serious cognisance of the link between climate change and extreme weather events like Chennai floods," notes an essay from the Hans India.
The Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA) ignored the document, stating that it " takes no cognisance of this report".
RBI deputy governor, HR Khan, said, 'E-commerce is galloping at a fast pace and we have to take cognisance of it.
The Deputy Speaker showed his dismay on answers of 'Revenue and Colonies' (Board of Revenue Department) submitted in the house and asked the Parliamentary Secretary to take cognisance of the matter and report to the house within 15 days.
REGARDING antiindependence bias in theScottish media, they should take cognisance of the Sun's troubles in Liverpool.