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The SDP specification continues to gain credibility and momentum among our Enterprise User Group," said Bob Flores, former CTO of the CIA, managing partner at Cognitio Corp.
Nec tamen propter hoc cognitio non est naturalis, quia Deus est auctor non solum influentiae gratuiti luminis, sed etiam naturalis," Summa Ideologica 1.
Philosophy has a female figure inscribed with the motto causarum cognitio, or 'the knowledge of causes'.
Et quia cognitio fit per assimilationem, similitudo autem respicit formam, pulchrum proprie pertinet ad rationem causae formalis" (ed.
The situation was but further complicated by Ockham's statement that there can occur as well, by the aid of the God, a cognitio intuitiva non existentium, that is, Ockham claimed the possibility of an intuition of something that does not exist--at least not for our senses and intellect in the contemporary context.
Faith remains a cognitio aenigmatica (13) whose central act is opaque.
77) In the fourth century, and perhaps even earlier, this system was abandoned and replaced by the cognitio procedure, in which the judge was a state-appointed professional who heard the whole case.
Selderhuis's exposition of Calvin's commentary on the Psalms is generously sufficient to demonstrate that indeed the theme of the cognitio Dei et hominis is at the heart of Calvin's exegesis of the Psalter.
Christians and Muslims are to make a sincere effort to achieve "mutual understanding" (comprehensio mutua), (12) whereas in relation to the Jews this is further strengthened to "mutual understanding and respect" (utriusque cognitio et aestimatio).
Nam cognitio causarum alicuius generis, est finis ad quem consideratio scientiae pertingit.
A survey by Cognitio, a company that evaluates new food service products, measured the effectiveness of food service manufacturers in introducing new products.