cognitive faculties

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One Buddhist scholar has explained his understanding of mindfulness as 'Keeping one's consciousness and cognitive faculties alive to the present reality' (Hanh, 1995)
For humans with their cognitive faculties intact, it is extremely easy to foresee how the next few moments - or even minutes - would play out.
In studies of religion using cognitive science and experimental philosophy, researchers discuss such topics as the cognitive science of religion and its philosophical implications, whether religion or science is debunked by the evolution of cognitive faculties, the explanatory challenge of religious diversity, a cognitive psychological account of reasoning about ritual efficacy, an experimental philosophical investigation into how philosophers evaluate natural theological arguments, an ecological theory of God's mind, remembering past lives, and the folk psychology of souls revisited and reframed.
Objective : Listening in realistic situations is an active process that engages perceptual and cognitive faculties, endowing speech with meaning, music with joy, and environmental sounds with emotion.
But that does not mean that machines will be able to automate everything that our cognitive faculties allow us to do.
This is a novel about disability and the human depth that is left behind after the loss of physical and cognitive faculties.
It is striking that our brute instincts, rather than our celebrated higher cognitive faculties, are what lead to such moral acts.
A mind is the set of cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment, and memory.
It's not just about Baby Boomers looking to maintain their cognitive faculties or address joint pain; young people are also focused on healthful living and preventing the issues they may see their parents dealing with.
Summary: Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's mental and cognitive faculties are intact and he will continue to govern, the ruling FLN party's chairman said on Friday, in comments aimed at quashing rumours over the ageing leader's health.
And those who had not displayed, during this primary election period, that they had an effective working of cognitive faculties need to understand this reality.
Briefly, his argument is that, given unguided natural selection, the probability of our cognitive faculties being reliable is low because these faculties would be successful based on survival not accuracy.

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