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De facon similaire, l'etude de Sellwood et collaborateurs (2013) a montre que la cognition subjective est davantage correlee avec la performance cognitive objective chez les sujets sains quelle ne l'est chez les patients atteints de la schizophrenie.
Paradoxically, technology that in the past may have led to a bias in favor of cognitive objectives may now be used to foster and scaffold affective objectives.
Although limited by a number of factors, including the regional nature of the survey, the self-report method used and the cognitive objectives tested, this study has several important take-home points.
1) that explicitly encourage teachers to formulate cognitive objectives and align them with the established state and national curriculum standards to ensure specific expectations.
Without reading proficiency, which may very well be the most important skill for ESL learners in academic contexts, the cognitive objectives of critical thinking or divergent thinking are not possible.

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