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These two pieces of EFL writing were then analyzed based on Odell's cognitive process theory (1977) described before.
The cognitive process theory of writing (Flower & Hayes, 1981) was consistent, fruitful, complex, middle-range (scope), and acceptable (Dudley-Brown, 1997).
Cognitive process maps offered a means to summarise lengthy transcripts of data in order to focus the analysis and facilitate interpretation.
Then this research will discuss Gentner's structure-mapping model of analogy and explain why it is a good choice as a basis for modeling the cognitive process of information requirement analysis.
Apply is one of the six cognitive process categories, so this verb will be classified under Apply.
The review and reaction phase, like the review process delineated in Flower and Hayes' (1981) Cognitive Process Theory, emphasized two sub-processes, evaluation and revision.
For example, when Cole and Scribner (1974) asked questions concerning human cognitive development they analyzed whether the cognitive process of people reared in different cultural settings was different and how it differed.
Ultimately it is about the search for meaning itself, and Schaerf's talent lies in making the potential associations compelling enough for us to want to be engaged in that cognitive process.
People base everyday interactions on an implicit understanding of this basic human cognitive process, and simulated entities must behave similarly for simulation-based training to realize its potential as a source of experience in attaining expertise in a law enforcement role.
Rather than playing a nonexistent or peripheral role, the social context is increasingly seen as being an important input to and/or part of the cognitive process (Nye and Brower, 1996; Resnick, 1991).
In this context, hope is conceptualized as a goal-directed cognitive process.

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