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Table 1 Levels of Analysis in Interorganizational Trust Research Referent of Trust in Organization (x) Individual Origin of Trust in Individual Individual--Individual Organization (y) Group Group--Individual Organization Organization--Individual Referent of Trust in Organization (x) Group Origin of Trust in Individual Individual--Group Organization (y) Group Group--Group Organization Organization--Group Referent of Trust in Organization (x) Organization Origin of Trust in Individual Individual--Organization Organization (y) Group Group--Organization Organization Organization-Organization Table 2 Measures and Items Cognitive Process ([alpha] =.
It is through this cognitive process that officers incorporate a fundamental understanding of the terrain, enemy, and the higher unit commander's mission to achieve measurable results in a stressful, violent, fluid contemporary operational environment.
A cognitive process functions as a habitual thinking strategy that influences the kind of information that individuals regard as relevant and the kinds of actions that individuals engage in on the basis of this information (McKenny and Keen 1974).
Many of these MBTI studies have described the cognitive process preferences of American businesspersons (Mcdaid, McCaulley, and Kainz 1986, Myers 1980).
Therefore, the research question of this research is "What is the cognitive process model of information requirement analysis that can explain how the differences of knowledge of information analysts may lead to different modeling behaviors?
Ultimately it is about the search for meaning itself, and Schaerf's talent lies in making the potential associations compelling enough for us to want to be engaged in that cognitive process.
People base everyday interactions on an implicit understanding of this basic human cognitive process, and simulated entities must behave similarly for simulation-based training to realize its potential as a source of experience in attaining expertise in a law enforcement role.
In this context, hope is conceptualized as a goal-directed cognitive process.
Cognitive processing model Craving represents a nonautomatic cognitive process that is activated when the execution of automatized drinking behaviour is voluntarily or involuntarily blocked.
Second, the patient proactively initiates a related cognitive process of restoring a sense of meaning in life by reframing aspects of the experience, sharing concerns and getting needed support.
Objective data disclosed during the initial resident assessment included: (a) inability to initiate purposeful activities, (b) decreased or inappropriate social interaction, (c) inconsolability at times, despite validating, refocusing or redirecting, (d) limited physical ability, (e) long-term care placement, (f) verbalized feelings of abandonment, (g) deteriorating cognitive process (as evidenced by GDS), (h) wandering, rummaging and pillaging or (i) long periods of inactivity.

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