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Reading Imaginatively: The Imagination in Cognitive Science and Cognitive Literary Studies.
I'm not yet sure how the methods and conclusions of cognitive science deepen or complicate such notions.
In chapter 1, Barrett offers a broad definition of what cognitive science encompasses.
He explains especially well the more complex elements of cognitive science, such as connectionist networks or the operation of working memory, which might otherwise intimidate science-phobic humanities students.
This article introduced the term "affective paradigm" based on research grounded in computing, cognitive science, education, psychology, and information science.
The Cognitive Science of Science: Explanation, Discovery, and Conceptual Change is Paul Thagard's (along with some co-authors of some chapters) excellent overview of his many contributions to the field of the cognitive science of science.
The topic is approached using insights into the religious mind being developed by the disciplines contributing to the Cognitive Science of Religion.
Here, he displays once more the innovative theorizing and research that has been his mark particularly in the articles and books he has been publishing since the mid 1990s, including On Interpretation (1995); Philosophical Approaches to the Study of Literature (2000); Colonialism and Cultural Identity (2000); The Culture of Conformism (2001); Cognitive Science, Literature, and the Arts (2003); and the forthcoming Empire and Poetic Voice.
Perhaps, as Richard Shiff so ably argues in the exhibition's catalogue essay, we need Deleuze, cognitive science, and the computer to understand all of this, but it sounds like part of the longer history of modernism to me.
Paper presented at 24th Annual Meeting of Cognitive Science Society, August 9, 2002.
Career interests: Math, philosophy and cognitive science

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