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without implying the occurrence of transformation at other times, then the self; being eternal, would always be in this state of non-transformation, and the nonexistence of an entity would always be being cognized (sl.
27) Perhaps another example of the material-intentional is the "intentione" as it exists in the sense organ: Thomas teaches that the intentione exists in the sensible species in a "downgraded" mode of immateriality, but is nevertheless in a way material insofar as it is not "apprehended" or cognized by the external senses themselves.
Imitating the micro-nano structure features and mechanisms of the self-cleaning lotus leaf, super-hydrophobic surface has been cognized and made significant progress in terms of theoretical foundation, building technology and applications.
In Sikhism the relationship between religion and politics, between religious authority and secular polity, cannot be cognized in terms of the unity/separation dichotomy' it is of the nature of neither monistic unity nor simplistic separation, the two domains are distinct from each other and internally autonomous, without any subordination of the one to the other, they are differentiated, though not dissociated from each other.
A cognition's occurring presupposes as existent beforehand the participants in the act, including the cognizing agent (pramatr) and the object cognized (prameya).
Though reason is forced, on pain of internal contradiction, to believe in such a supersensible ground, Kant insists that this ground cannot be cognized by discursive beings like us.
It is also a vexatious reality that last two governments; one of military and second of democracy both never cognized this issue from its utmost point.
So if I judge a painting to be beautiful (or powerful or important--terms we might be more likely to deploy today) because it reminds me of my childhood, then I am not making an aesthetic judgment, strictly speaking, because my judgment is interested-is beholden to a private and already cognized set of expectations, thoughts, and desires.
Even the cognizer can be cognized only as an empirical object.
Backward Displacement: Displacement in which the target extrasensorially cognized precedes the intended target by one, two, or more steps (designated as -1, -2, etc.
But the distinctive feature of the I of apperception is such that it is not an object at all, that is not an entity capable of being cognized (as opposed to being thought) in either a sensible or purely intellectual fashion" (p.