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New Imaginism is an extremely personal, intimate fine art form that will be as confronting to many of today's cognoscenti, as Dadaism was to the same in the early 20th century.
According to the strength and fitness cognoscenti, the lower part of the body, particularly the legs, is the most overlooked and under-developed aspect in training.
OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, 1990: A mundane meeting of coffee cognoscenti dissolves into a spectacular clash of personalities.
The jumping cognoscenti will hardly have time to draw breath before the next round of action though, with Leopardstown providing one of the jewels of Irish racing on Sunday.
Although it had been established for 12 years, and despite winning many great taste awards from the Fine Food Industry it had failed to match its product quality with appropriate packaging amongst crisp cognoscenti.
The Parisian cognoscenti are curious to catch a whiff of change, to spot an emerging young star, and to glimpse the process of training the famed French dancers.
of the phrases that the office cognoscenti bandy about around the water cooler.
What this means, in career terms, is that although routinely deemed an "artist's artist" by the cognoscenti, he is far from widely known.
The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA--pronounced F-I-M-S-A by cognoscenti in Washington) opened for business on Feb.
A case in point: the Vancouver producers behind the 100-per-cent-Canadian MVP/Air Bud franchise arguably have the best box-office record over the past 10 years with MVP (18 weeks), Air Bud (12 weeks), MVP2 (8 weeks) and Air Bud: Golden Retriever (7 weeks), yet the cognoscenti still ignore the fact that we make commercial films.
He has become an indispensable campaign "type," and among the cognoscenti, his name has become a common noun.
Since backup is so bad, it has now become fashionable in IT cognoscenti circles to say we are focusing on restore--not backup.