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Because the graphics processor unit, GPU, grew in greater complexity than the CPU during the past eight years, exceeding the transistor count, and matching or exceeding the die size of the CPU, many thought the two would never be able to cohabitate.
Share your thoughts on whether the couple will cohabitate successfully below
Jackson strikes a chord with book reviewers everywhere (and those who cohabitate with them) when she writes of being married to a critic: "That's the reviewer's wife's problem, the books.
I've found that some couples cohabitate for convenience sake.
The document was remarkable both in what it said and what it didn't say: Absent were assertions of Catholic doctrine present in most church documents that gay sex is ''intrinsically disordered'' and that couples who cohabitate are ''living in sin.
At its best, to be Lebanese meant to be multicultural avant la lettre, having to cohabitate with seventeen different religions and several ethnicities and languages--all in an area not much larger than Delaware.
Several months ago, nine Turks were killed in Germany, not because the victims had personal problems with their murderers, but simply because they were Turks living in Germany, and in that country there are people who don't want to cohabitate with the Turks.
Mel is a realist in an unreal town where vampires and humans have learned to cohabitate in relative peace.
Living in Lebanon, the biggest "epiphany" for him was "the ease with which the sects cohabitate.
More importantly, why were any of these women allowed to marry or even cohabitate with white men and have their children, in spite of the strict miscegenation laws in Georgia?
They've been married four years and did not cohabitate efore marriage.
City-wide biotic mapping systems can be used to analyze which species should be discouraged and which encouraged to cohabitate with humans.