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The issue of relationship quality is exploratory because there are few studies to suggest whether couples that formerly cohabited have higher or lower quality relationships than married couples.
Evidence in the fossils that the people and animals cohabited for thousands of years comes from measurements of uranium and other elements that were absorbed from ground water during fossilization.
In the 1980s, people who cohabited were generally more unconventional, younger, less religious, and frequently had a history of divorce in their families of origin.
At Hanley, yesterday, John King was charged with a violent assault on Margaret Hammond, a woman with whom he had cohabited.
Opening up a lingerie shop seems like a logical step to reflect on the conflicts endemic to an era cohabited by happy homemakers and gun-toting cowgirls.
In the 1964 to 1980 group, 24% of individuals had cohabited prior to marriage.
In the 17th century and far before, humans cohabited with animals, on amicable terms and in close proximity.