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Fathers' contact with the child was also greater when men previously cohabited with the child's mother, but only when we ran the full multivariate model (i.
6) Between 1987 and 1995, there was an equally striking increase for the number of women reporting that they had cohabited at least once.
The analysis in this table is restricted to those who have ever been partnered (married or cohabited for at least three months).
Catherine Wannamaker, the author of Suddenly Alone (1998), sees frequent media reports of senior citizens, abandoned and homeless, who cohabited in order to retain a deceased spouse's health insurance or preserve eligibility for Medicaid.
The report added, 'The results show that across the two marriage cohorts, spouses who cohabited prior to marriage had poorer marital quality and greater marital instability than those who did not cohabit.
Gallup finds that more than half of married couples under age 50 lived together before the wedding, and three-fifths of those who cohabited believe it makes them less likely to divorce.
The rate of intercourse did not affect risk, but women using barrier contraceptive methods were significantly more likely to develop preeclampsia if the couple had cohabited less than 4 months, compared with those who had lived together for at least a year.
One is either currently cohabiting, has cohabited in the past, or has never cohabited.