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In contrast, a cohabitee does not have any such rights.
She has experience across a wide spectrum of topics including divorce and separation, financial disputes and disputes between cohabitees, with particular interest in the resulting financial issues including family businesses, multiple properties and pensions.
My interpretation of one of the protocols is that cohabitees will be able to make out a good case for discrimination if they are given different rights from widows.
Instead, gifts to other family members could be considered or, if the surviving person will need access to the assets, a gift could be made to a trust and the surviving cohabitee would be a beneficiary.
The surviving cohabitee may be able to claim against the estate under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.
The 1976 Act set out the immediate family who can sue as a surviving spouse, opposite-sex cohabitee, parent or child.
His barrister, Paul Caulfield, said: "He had not seen his cohabitee and their child for a considerable time and as soon as he was taken to the open prison he effectively walked out unchallenged.
Contrary to popular belief, a "common law spouse or partner" - as a cohabitee may be known - has no legal standing under the intestacy rules that apply when a person dies without a will.
However as things stand a cohabitee would have to show that they had contributed to the mortgage or invested a substantial sum in the fabric of a property in order to claim a share of it.
The only rights a cohabitee has are property rights based on contract law regardless of how long you've been together," she says.
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