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Same-sex cohabiters reported poorer health than heterosexual married couples of similar socioeconomic status, which takes into account levels of education, income and insurance coverage.
Rather than recognize that the minimum wage is a poverty wage that is truly unlivable and locks workers into the lower class; that the erosion of jobs, particularly manufacturing jobs, has led to widespread, persistent unemployment; that growing inequality over the past forty years has led to the development of two societies with very different life experiences and opportunities, we blame single mothers, cohabiters, and others who do not adhere to traditional middle and upper-middle class values, particularly when they are poor and powerless.
Premarital cohabitation hence provides the intending couples with the necessary information that should terminate the conjugal relationship between cohabiters before marriage.
This is done by comparing cohabiters and marrieds, and also by examining the way the previously divorced (and previous cohabiters) organise their income once they are remarried (or repartnered).
protective coloration of marriage," unmarried cohabiters in
As the data allow us to distinguish between different partners, we can observe partner changes and identify cohabiters who go on to marry.
When it comes to the growing number of cohabiters, Yuill Homes has found its innovative two-bedroom, two-bathroom Vermont property an award-winning formula and a popular choice with those looking to buy with friends or those planning to rent out the spare room.
Most of those interviewed described physical abuse at the hands of husbands, cohabiters, male relatives, or police officers (Ibid.
Although these sources of income might make some families appear less poor, there is no guarantee that resources from cohabiters will be used to benefit children.
The demographic success of dogs has to do with their powers of adaptation, their ability to exist as cohabiters with the most successful predator, to make themselves necessary, if not always useful.
While the increase in cohabiters by approximately 150 percent is dramatic, the current situation where only 12.