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Antonovsky's sense of coherence scale and its relation with quality of life: A systematic review.
Sirius Solutions) today announced further growth by adding the Credit Risk Practice from Coherence Consulting and strengthened their market presence with the addition of Aviv Handler and Charlotte Wales to their European headquarters.
The duo said the Booz & Company approach to scoring coherence is similar across industries and involves: defining the segments each company servers; identifying the capabilities that drive value for the company in each segment; determining the number of common capabilities across all the segments the company serves.
Sara Lee has also taken steps to begin to tap into the coherence premium, having started to divest many non-core brands.
African American Women's Health Self-Assessment: Health Status and the Sense of Coherence.
In the new work, published May 21 in Physical Review Letters, Scully proposes that photon squandering can be curbed through a process called quantum coherence, in which atoms are in two energetic states simultaneously.
Summary: Paris - The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) will gain in coherence and legitimacy by giving the cultural and social activities the same priority as the economic projects, Andre Azoulay, HM the King's advisor, chairman of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation, said Wednesday in Paris.
Two-dimensional and 3-dimensional optical coherence tomographic imaging of the airway, lung, and pleura.
Speakers from the Sultanate and other AGCC countries focus on the importance of family coherence.
The impact of policy coherence on regime complexity might be the most obvious dimension of this interaction.
be justified in terms of its coherence with the system which at any given time achieves a maximum of correspondence in this sense to the total set of relevant existing judicial obligations.
This essay argues that the connection between coherence and confirmation should be understood as a relation mediated by the causal relationships between the evidence and a hypothesis, and it offers a framework for doing so by fitting together probabilistic models of coherence, confirmation, and causation.