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We understand that love is a four-letter word in some companies, too soft and fuzzy," said Jeff Meleski, CEO of Coherency.
The results showed that a substantial part of the information was not retained by the athletes and the information coherency was inversely related to the number of transmitted ideas.
Provocative self-contradiction and purposeful ambiguity, not coherency, are their main staging objectives.
This is called the dendrite coherency point and is a function of the alloy and the cooling rate through their effects on microstructural evolution.
Delany argues for an "evolution toward coherency," like that detectable in The Canterbury Tales.
The 128 nxCPUs offer full cache and memory coherency over the high-speed Inter-chip Coherency Interface (ICI), enabling software applications to seamlessly run in Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) or Asymmetric Multi Processing (AMP) modes.
Yields of the all-encompassing multi-cleft investigative work are titled the 'Inter-referentiality Theory of Coherency[IRTC]' and 'The Coherency Codex.
However, unless the RAID controllers doing the caching are configured in dual active pairs and designed with cache coherency and robust recovery mechanisms, caching can cause incorrect data to be delivered to applications and corrupt databases when elements in the I/O path fail.
The excellent ensemble cast, headed by Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange, also succeeds against stiff odds, finding soulfulness and coherency in some of Shakespeare's most repugnant and psychologically splintered rogues.