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But it is imperative that its three separate working groups liaise closely and act coherently.
Front-of-house spaces have been replanned to make them lighter, larger and connect more coherently with Sloane Square.
More importantly, there is no sense of direction or cogent argument that serves to order this list of factors or relate its parts coherently, one to the other.
This was a friendship of long standing which was to involve Poussin in one of the most ambitious and coherently organized centers of learned patrons of the arts ever to gain access to the power and wealth of the papacy.
The team concluded that only the region in perpetual darkness reflected the signals coherently, just as ice would.
Rubin charges that they criticize environmentalism without coherently saying what they're for, and that they defend capitalism on economic grounds without understanding the connection between capitalism and liberty.
From plastic bubble-packed mice to large hard drive upgrades, math co-processors, and SIMMs, Identity's coherently designed "family"-look packaging scheme is designed to attract customers to select a "system" of compatible IDENTITY components, IDENTITY product packages include all the information the customer needs to select the desired peripherals, and thorough user documentation assists in installing, configuring, and running them effectively.
There is a need for tough sanctions, something that is well and coherently co-ordinated to include Americans, the EU, the Chinese, the Russians [and] the Indians," he said.
They've arranged the material coherently and provide an index, but only a few references.
They could not serve, they could not speak coherently, in fact they were reduced to nervous giggles.
The man, whose name was not immediately available, was taken to Simi Valley Hospital where he was able to talk coherently with investigators following the 8:40 p.