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X]] be a coherently filtered sheaf of ideals in [O.
O'Brien couldn't talk coherently or walk unassisted when they got him out of his van and had a breath test reading of 81 when the legal limit is 35.
He spoke too much and not very coherently," recalled Sir Terry.
Parallels to Iraq are evident -- with an indigenous population turning against what they see as occupiers, but ``Catch a Fire'' never makes its case coherently.
Fourth-graders should read great literature, speak coherently, solve problems, express ideas through a variety of media, program computers, edit video, interpret and understand information found on the Web and in print.
Said Pope Benedict: "The faithful must be convinced that it is vital to take part regularly in Sunday Mass if their faith is to increase and be expressed coherently.
Italica hopes to give a consistent format in each issue, trying to print together articles that represent, coherently, the entire spectrum of Italian culture, literature, and language; this attempt becomes even more necessary when presenting a large group of articles.
These same kids will probably leave school unable to write coherently and with not much better grammar.
In his brilliant book Talking Politics: The Substance of Style from Abe to "W" (2003), Michael Silverstein attempts to explain why President Bush's apparent incapacity to speak coherently in public has functioned not as a drawback but as an asset for him politically.
Although the woman reportedly has a history of mental illness, French media reported that the authorities said she was speaking coherently at the time of her arrest and she would not be remanded to a psychiatric facility.
House Framing: Plan, Design, Build by housing construction expert John Wagner clearly and coherently lays out illustrated construction techniques that will enable any do-it-yourself enthusiast to built a room addition, install windows and doors, finish a basement, create a shed, or construct a garage.
I said that I love you," I repeated, a little less coherently.