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Under the guidance of the Spirit, we cohere with what we have always been and always will be, however different we become.
Education about the environment also coheres with generally-held presuppositions about teaching.
Many of the species are more common to North America, but the breadth of nomenclature coheres with an expanded geography that ranges into the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Corsica, and Mexico.
The mind's eye is sutured to Felisberto's; he takes the reader for a dozen laps, and the mind coheres centripetally even as the images blur.
The paper defends an interpretation of Locke's conception of a primary quality that takes Locke's lists at face value and that shows how this conception coheres with more general features of Locke's philosophy.
It must be admitted that, from this side, the building with its varied forms, and red clay terracotta tiles (chosen to echo Belfast's Victorian brick) coheres less well than from the north, with each element trying to signal independence from its siblings.
Each is a memoir that coheres around the Irish Catholicism of its subject.
Bruce Adams, the highly experienced and sensitive property manager of the Aurora, expects that the list of activities will grow as the population grows, coheres into a community, and articulates its needs and wishes.