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Taking into account the financing challenges of the EU budget, after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU, the common position of the Baltic States on the future of cohesion policy seeks to increase its influence in the upcoming negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework post-2020," says Minister of Finance Vilius apoka.
Pellegrini further said that Slovakia wants to play a more active role within EU debates and that the country is convinced that the cohesion policy must remain the EU's main investment policy.
It is mostly up to Germany," said Lithuanian Finance Deputy Minister Loreta Maskalioviene, who took part in the Cohesion Forum, to The Baltic Times.
Cohesion policy a the policy of bringing the EU closer together, is one of main sources of financial assistance for investments in growth and employment, and Bulgaria is among the member-states which receive the most funds, added Deputy PM Tomislav Donchev.
Founded in 1999, Cohesion is a multi-disciplined strategy firm focused on helping organizations derive more value from all efforts related to brand, marketing and communications.
La cohesion territorial se enmarca en la construccion de un proyecto para la integracion del territorio y constituye una elaboracion prospectiva, en la que se incluye el reconocimiento de la diversidad, las relaciones entre lo local, lo regional, lo nacional y lo global, a partir de la adopcion de una ruta orientada al equilibrio entre las dimensiones de territorio.
We hypothesized that group cohesion would be positively related to individual self-efficacy and perceived efficacy by coaches and teammates.
Neighborhood deprivation and low cohesion may predict very early coronary heart disease in younger, asymptomatic adults," Dr.
Por otra parte, el Laboratorio de Caminos, de la Universidad Politecnica de Cataluna, desarrollo un procedimiento de ensayo para estudiar la cohesion y la adhesividad del asfalto con el arido.
Numerosas investigaciones empiricas han puesto de manifiesto la influencia de ambas dimensiones de cohesion de manera diferenciada sobre la eficacia grupal y los resultados del equipo (Beal et al.
5) The technique does improve cohesion and should be known--and used--by medical writers.
Salalah : The second Family Cohesion Seminar, under the title "Together for Cohesive Family" began at the Crowne Plaza Salalah today under the patronage of Sheikh Khalid bin Omar al-Marhoon, Minister of Civil Service.