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The latest is the General repeating the coinage ' Presstitute' for the media.
But by using that front- row coinage, he has damaged his reputation, and that of the chair he occupies.
It is now possible, to give but one example, to embark upon a systematic examination of the metrology of this coinage.
This is a review article of Islamic History Through Coins: An Analysis and Catalogue of Tenth-Century Ikhshidid Coinage.
While certainly we have not found medieval West African coinages, equally we have not found the local gold coinages reported by nineteenth-century European explorers in West Africa (Johnson 1968).
In the course of inventing such coinages, one encounters no scarcity of potential lexical building blocks; the trick is to find combinations that make some sort of semantic sense.
Hence, the suffix in question is considered productive once it appears in new coinages in the period under discussion.
Coinage of the Americas Conference (16th: 2006: American Numismatic Society) Ed.
Arab-Byzantine Coinage (Study in the Khalili Collection Volume IV).
Depending upon the succession with which one-root deverbal coinages are registered in the written sources, their paradigmatization trends can be revealed.
Bude's pride in his achievement was, one gathers, justified; this is the first attempt, often successful, to evaluate ancient coinage rationally and to correct the errors made by ancient authors, especially Pliny and Suetonius.
Thus, although the Anglo-Saxons resumed the use of coinage in the mid-7th century (Spufford, 1988), minting of gold stopped by about 670.