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By the light of the lantern I saw the butt twist slowly around till its sides coincided with the sides of the step.
Briggs coincided as usual, and the "previous attachment" was then discussed in conjectures.
The herd made an inclination in my direction, in which the solitary animal coincided, and this brought him within fifty yards of the spot where I stood.
It was then, when the flame was full upon him, that the locksmith saw for the first time how haggard, pale, and changed he looked; how worn and thin he was; how perfectly his whole appearance coincided with all that he had said so strangely as they rode along.
meaning Jingle) 'was an impudent young fellow:' a sentiment in which all her relations then and there present thoroughly coincided.
I could perceive that the track of blood coincided with the track of his feet.
Stelling's views as to the airing of linen and the frequent recurrence of hunger in a growing boy entirely coincided with her own; moreover, that Mrs.
The surveyed area coincided with the zone where previous surface sampling have returned a wide geochemical anomaly (28% of all samples have returned gold values greater than 0.
The Chinese consumer enthusiasm for the Exhibition Games that coincided with our visit paralleled the receptivity our Trade Mission enjoyed in meetings with Chinese NewMarket business partners.
While initial analysis suggests that the relationship between the two has lessened throughout the years, the results are nonetheless consistent across policy periods save for a single monetary period in the mid-1990s that coincided with the tech boom.
I think I've been very lucky in my career in that popular taste has coincided with what I thought was cool.