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19, 1996 - coincidentally, the 25th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in federal elections in Switzerland.
Weaving this contemporary story together with his family's gnarled past, which not coincidentally involves Alfred Hitchcocks shooting of I Confess in Quebec City some four decades earlier, Lepage delivers a moving investigation into origins, identity and the complex relationship between cinema and memory.
Perhaps more than coincidentally, the one other inductee into the DMA Hall of Fame this year is a client of Lewis's--Omaha Steaks.
The service was attended by dignitaries of both churches, including the Bulgarian Prime Minister, who coincidentally was there on an official visit to Italy.
Coincidentally, the day Chaya was at the Ailey studios Clive Barnes had written favorably about his performance with Richard Englund's Ballet Repertory Company.
Coincidentally, Janklow owns commercial property along the contended stretch of Highway 38.
France's filmmakers are among the world's most protected species--and, not coincidentally, among its most endangered.
Near the end of the last century, the English physician Martin Lister concluded that fossils are inorganic structures that grow within rocks and coincidentally bear a resemblance to living marine creatures.
Coincidentally, before the takeo ver, YPF and Petrobras had already opened the first of a planned 1,000 gas stations to be built in Brazil and Argentina in the next five years.
The deal, affirming the New York-based firm's position as a major investment banking house, coincidentally came one week after its March reorganization.
Not coincidentally, the work of both of these sculptors reflects the beauty and rhythmic power of the animal world--its resplendence and corporeality, its stoic splendor and grace.
Perhaps coincidentally, this is the same building that initially housed LifeUSA, which was formed in 1987, went public in 1993 and became one of the most successful companies in the 1990's before it was acquired in 1999 by and merged with Allianz Life.