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According to Rivera, end users are turning to cold application of holographic foils, then printing over them.
The flavors maintain their profiles even through heat processing, making any flavor in the line suitable for use in both hot and cold applications.
Although the optical platters used in COLD applications have good to excellent stability characteristics, this solution is nevertheless vulnerable to technology obsolescence, just as is any configuration of computer hardware and software.
With the maturing markets for coffee and tea products, look for coffee and teahouses to introduce more innovative and non-traditional beverages in both hot and cold applications.
A local VRC veterinary steward said Make No Mistake would not have been passed fit for racing yesterday, but Weld plans to give him intensive treatment with hot and cold applications in the hope he might make the line-up.
The range is also allergen-free and can he used in both hot and cold applications.
They, too, are designed for wet and cold applications and because they reach their full-light capacity immediately, there's no more waiting for the freezer lights to warm up.