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Nowadays our region also have been affecting by cold weather which caused harm as coupled with the snowfall.
He also distributed medicines with proper guidelines for treatment and care at home so as to protect cattle from falling ill in this chilly cold weather.
Teesside has a Level 3 amber cold weather alert which means take "severe weather action".
We have had lots of fantastic donations as the cold weather struck, and we now have enough clothing and blankets to see us through for the next few weeks.
The effects of cold weather on pipeline systems are typically classified as time-independent (randomly occurring) threats.
Dr Angie Bone, its head of extreme events, said: "Weather like this is not unusual for this time of year, but during very cold weather it's important we take extra care to keep safe and healthy.
Have the exhaust system checked for carbon monoxide leaks, which can be especially dangerous during cold weather driving when windows are closed.
It can hold both the patrol sleeping bag and the intermediate cold weather sleeping bag as well as the bivy cover.
In cold weather, a hard-working dog can easily dehydrate, so carry water with you and make him take a drink from time to time.
CEO Nicky Lidbetter said: "The recent spell of cold weather, with snow in many parts of the country and even floods in the South West, will have hit many elderly people and hard-pressed families in their pockets at a time when many of them least need further financial worries and pressures.
To find out more about Cold Weather Payments contact Jobcentre Plus (you can find the nearest office in the phonebook) or visit https://www.
England sees thousands of extra deaths in the winter as a result of cold weather and associated health problems.