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Lebanon is standing on the brink of a precipice, and those who uphold sovereignty and independence should make every possible effort to prevent the criminals who cold-bloodedly carried out Friday's bombing from reaping any benefit from this despicable crime.
Speaking after the verdicts, Helen Ding's father, Zuyao Cui, said on behalf of the family: "Anxiang Du cold-bloodedly killed the whole of the Ding family and took away four lives.
One may ask about the difference between this camp and the Nazi ones where mass killings took place cold-bloodedly and callously," Jumblatt said.
YET another shooting tragedy - this time a maniac cold-bloodedly kills 20 young pupils and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School after murdering his own mother.
Cold-bloodedly killing 20 children and their teachers is, literally, senseless.
Pictures show how our brothers and sisters are being cold-bloodedly killed or sexually assaulted, even infants are not spared.
Zia Awan said there are a lot of cases in which innocent women and girls like Mehnaz and Sajida are murdered cold-bloodedly and the killers go scot-free as the protection of women and girls is not on the priority of either government or society.
The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran (ICHRI) said Friday it had documented 138 cases in which Iranian border guards had cold-bloodedly shot impoverished Kurdish smugglers who move goods back and forth across the Iran-Iraq border.
If I hoped that the person who cold-bloodedly shot the children in France was apprehended then that would not be a selfish act or thought.
We must agree that Africa has lost a leader that kept her glued together and we should hang our heads in shame that we even voted for a No Fly Zone over Libya, which was abused to bring Gathafi down and mercilessly and cold-bloodedly kill him.
He committed no criminal activity, but the troops murdered him cold-bloodedly," he mourned.
For 45 minutes Anfield was subdued with fans seemingly still digesting the fact a player they classed as one of their own could turn his back on them so cold-bloodedly.