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The judge said: "I'm satisfied that you used Ryan cold-heartedly as a vehicle for avenging yourself on your wife.
Tottenham boss Ramos has shown how cold-heartedly determined he can be over the last month.
Few readers will be unmoved by the photographs we publish showing the killer, wearing a sinister dark hood, striding into the store and cold-heartedly opening fire with a sawn-off shotgun.
Those who did stop are good-hearted people, and the world would be a better place with more like them and fewer of those who so cold-heartedly just drove on.
When Life Begins began last year, kicking off with Phil cold-heartedly walking out on his wife Maggie, played by Caroline Quentin, and their children, no one could have foreseen the enormous success it would become.
Then the vender cold-heartedly broke the chicken's neck and stuffed it into a pot of boiling water.
With modern technology, DNA testing, and a bit of good luck, such an investigation could lead to the person who cold-heartedly pushed a child in a pram to a cruel death.
The parents of the girl, who dreamt of winning Wimbledon, said last night: "Lewis cold-heartedly set out to seduce and rape our daughter.
You have to, rather cold-heartedly, think what would do the greatest harm to the population, and then make prioritizes based on that," he said.