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During this the coldest period, I suppose that large spaces of the tropical lowlands were clothed with a mingled tropical and temperate vegetation, like that now growing with strange luxuriance at the base of the Himalaya, as graphically described by Hooker.
None but those who were most intimate with Alexey Alexandrovitch knew that, while on the surface the coldest and most reasonable of men, he had one weakness quite opposed to the general trend of his character.
Late in the afternoon, when she next appears upon the staircase, she is in her haughtiest and coldest state.
It is not necessary," observes my Lady in her coldest manner before he can do anything but breathe amazedly, "to enter into these matters on either side.
Rebecca was to go to and fro on the cars daily from September to Christmas, and then board in Wareham during the three coldest months.
He made no fire except in the coldest winter, and then only enough to get up by.
An opening had been gradually increasing at the lower extremity of the lake, and around the dark spot where the current of the river prevented the formation of ice during even the coldest weather; and the fresh southerly winds, that now breathed freely upon the valley, made an impression on the waters.
Syria, and the coldest water out of Siberia--guide-books do not
During the coldest nights I was so troubled about the discomfort of the students that I could not sleep myself.
IT WILL be no surprise to learn that February 2018 was the coldest February month since 1996.
Met Office forecaster Craig Snell said the first full week of February will probably be "one of our coldest weeks of this winter so far".
Although January and February are on average the coldest months in any year, the temperature can vary daily between 15C and minus 10C depending on the direction of the wind and absence of a warm blanket of cloud.