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I don't know which is more insulting -- the coldness of the Executive office or the lack of compensation for a monumental loss of data.
HEATHER BLAIR, Wallsend My Father ALWAYS wanted to tell you I loved you Then look into your sad empty eyes For some kind of reaction I wanted to touch you hold you But your coldness kept us apart Sleep was the only relief for your troubled mind, You spent your whole life searching For something you would never find .
TEN thousand British jobs could be created in the next ten years by capitalising on the increasing global business demand for coldness, a new report claims.
Because too often there is prejudice, coldness, even hatred, in their hearts," she added.
The pair part because Michelle can't understand Steve's coldness towards her - and he won't explain.
He said coldness was still and people should use proper dresses as the summer season was to come yet.
Natural disasters last month were mainly droughts, bitter coldness, snowstorms, earthquakes and forest fires.
The snowfall increased coldness in the weather, causing hike in prices of coal, timber and warm garments.
It added that the two discussed bilateral relations and progress achieved, in this visit, toward developing and consolidate the relations in ending the coldness that existed before.
10 Years in Amman The first memory from Amman life was coldness.
He added: "I was shocked by her attitude, the astonishing calmness and coldness she displayed.
I wouldn't want it much colder than that but the Met Office forecast is the only one giving that kind of degree of coldness.