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Collaboration has been described as a style of interaction in which participants actively involve each other in carrying out their functions (Friend & Cook, 1996).
Collaboration in various assessment initiatives is being linked with a variety of positive outcomes including increased achievement, greater productivity, and the inclusion of multiple perspectives (Crossman, 2003; Katzenbach & Smith, 1993).
This strategic analysis is part of Frost & Sullivan continued coverage of the conferencing and collaboration marketplace.
Apple's PowerShare Collaboration Servers are available immediately in the United States through software resellers and Apple authorized resellers.
The University Team had difficulty finding time to model collaboration and instructional strategies for the Haralson Team.
Even organisations that have less interest in formal knowledge management programs are increasingly interested in collaboration tools, simply as a mechanism to support project teams.
The task of academic library management is to ensure that those librarians who have personal characteristics and abilities that can enhance collaboration have an opportunity to engage in collaborative enterprises.
By simply recognizing these small opportunities as being part of an overall process, you can magnify the power of the simple actions of collaboration.
In the claims arena, a catastrophic claims information collaboration service could provide significant value for industry participants.
Known for his lectures, workshops, and writings on ministry, personal development, and collaboration, Sofield has coauthored Design for Wholeness, Building Community, and The Collaborative Leader (Ave Maria Press).
Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g provides the industry's most technically advanced suite of collaboration services.
Working with NetMeeting, a Microsoft collaboration tool built into every Windows PC, Johnson Controls has developed an internal online meeting capability.

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