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Ministers agreed to work collaboratively to share knowledge and information on issues relating to the use of appropriate therapeutic products derived from cannabis for medicinal purposes," Mr Davis said.
Working collaboratively means everyone can stay in control of the outcome and achieve an appropriate result.
The findings revealed that students who played the math game either competitively or collaboratively reported the strongest mastery goal orientations, which indicates that students adopted an optimal mindset for learning while playing the video game with others.
As a result of this grant, students collaboratively determined how best to use the provided funds in order to enhance the SL program.
But those decisions will be better informed--and less likely to ignite a firestorm of criticism--if the agency proceeds collaboratively.
He said he is also working with district staff collaboratively to implement change.
Collaboratively developed by thousands of contributors worldwide, Linux offers functionality and stability that surpasses comparable offerings from Microsoft and commercial Unix vendors, at a substantially lower total cost of ownership.
The company's success is based on its culture of working collaboratively with clients to develop innovative technology strategies and solutions that address specific business challenges.
So the division was reorganized, and loan officers began working more collaboratively to insure applications are complete and customers receive speedy replies.
It allows companies from all industries -- such as manufacturing, construction, retail or graphic design -- to bring team members together to collaboratively develop, design and review projects or products.
Once the purpose for action is determined, learners individually or collaboratively need to make plans for achieving the purpose.
WASHINGTON--Dancing in the millennium, celebrating it, investigating it, talking about it, watching it, affirming it--members of eighteen organizations dealing with dance in all its many aspects will meet July 19 to 23, 2000, to work collaboratively on the exchange of ideas and information about dance.

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