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The event surprised scientists, who had seen a collapse that big and that fast only once before.
This is not the first deadly crane collapse that has happened this month.
Sou Koeun, Russey Chroy commune chief, said the collapse of the portion of the road, measuring 40 metres by 20 metres, was 'because of the water flow of the river'.
A five story building collapsed, leading to the total collapse of a neighboring three-story building and the partial collapse of another neighboring three-story building.
tell her version of what Iraqis call "the collapse.
Ten fire engines and quick response team , two rescue vans, one house collapse van, ambulances, about 70 fire personnel, one National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team, two pock lane, six JCB and 16 dumpers are working for rescue operations.
Additional Coverage -- Collapse Clause, and found that under this additional coverage there are no applicable exclusions to this loss.
A month-and-a-half since the collapse of a bridge on Interstate 85 (I-85) in Atlanta that compelled around 250,000 commuters to find new routes to work and school, the highway reopened Saturday.
ISLAMABAD -- Another victim of the Bahria Enclave stage collapse recounted how the stage had collapsed all of a sudden and injured his leg.
The 20 papers are from a 2013 conference in Carbondale, Illinois where invited archaeologists with a variety of specialties reflected on how insights from the study of collapsed societies might serve as lessons to prevent the collapse societies today.
The United States is heading down a path to dissolution and collapse, according to an analysis by Hossain Taeb, a cleric who heads the Pasdaran's Intelligence Unit.
Palestinian sources said Thursday morning that despite strong denials by Hamas and medical authorities in Gaza City, at least 12 people were killed or are missing as a result of the collapse of a tunnel dug in the northern Gaza area of al-Tufah in the direction of Israel.