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The case now returns on Catess petition for collateral relief under 2 U.
In the criminal system, the amount of legal advice available to indigent defendants functions as a steep cliff--there is a constitutional right to counsel at the trial and direct appeals stages but not to other forms of collateral relief.
11) Part III analyzes the various rationales for expanding and contracting options for collateral relief, and concludes by suggesting that all circuits return to the traditional rule that allows vacatur only in cases of jurisdictional deficiency.
We charged Aon, and specifically Carol, to put together a strategy and an approach that would give us significant collateral relief in our 2008 and 2009 renewal, and she was able to deliver a huge deliverable on that, which was extremely important to us for financial and liquidity reasons.
DiGuglielmo (5) that an untimely application for state collateral relief is never properly filed and cannot toll the federal habeas statute of limitations.
until April 23, 1997, to file his or her federal habeas petition excluding any time during which a "properly filed" application for collateral relief was "pending.
Kane's report examines the threats and challenges associated with captives, such as the consideration of non-captive options, the potential for collateral relief through a loss portfolio transfer, as well as the challenges that risk managers face when managing multiple captives.
the court appointed Trevino new counsel for state collateral relief.
The chief judge shall monitor the status of all [begin strikethrough]pending[end strikethrough] postconviction or collateral relief proceedings [begin strikethrough]brought by[end strikethrough] for defendants who have been sentenced to death from the time that the mandate affirming the death sentence has been issued by the supreme court and shall take the necessary actions to assure that such cases proceed without undue delay.
That program provided collateral relief that freed up assets to support the client's goals of increased working capital and debt reduction, as well as funding pension and other post-retirement benefits.
begin strikethrough]Motion to Vacate, Set Aside, or Correct Sentence[end strikethrough] Collateral Relief After Judgment And Sentence Has Been Affirmed On Direct Appeal in Noncapital Cases.