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For some months past, my brave colleagues," continued Barbicane, "I have been asking myself whether, while confining ourselves to our own particular objects, we could not enter upon some grand experiment worthy of the nineteenth century; and whether the progress of artillery science would not enable us to carry it out to a successful issue.
There is no one among you, my brave colleagues, who has not seen the Moon, or, at least, heard speak of it.
I have the honor, my brave colleagues, to propose a trial of this little experiment.
And Levin went out of the room, only when he was in the doorway remembering that he had forgotten to take leave of Oblonsky's colleagues.
In November 2013, the colleague received a letter from a debt collection agency demanding a repayment of PS6,647.
Personalised knives engraved with colleague names were presented to members of the kitchen and stewarding team by the general manager for the efforts along with a host of cooking and dishwashing competitions.
The increase will see Tesco colleagues continue to benefit from one of the highest pay and benefits packages in retail, which includes pension, colleague discount and a 5% turnaround bonus.
Terry & colleague; Bowen & colleagues; Holman2 & colleagues; Callaghan & colleagues; Valero & colleagues, Rodrigo & colleagues; Wetterneck & colleague).
Colleague, Dataters enterprise information management solution, is being used by community, colleges across the state.
When it was his turn at the microphone, he used a dry, deliberate, and slightly monotonous speaking style to praise a colleague for his work on the bill, then quickly stepped aside.
The seven teachers who expanded their leadership capacity felt "safe" with a colleague who could support them if an unexpected question was posed by one of the participants.
Having been his colleague without interruption since he came to Concordia Seminary, St.