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Colleagueship is the final state in a leader's maturation.
Kathleen Faith Mikitka-Gomez and Kathleen Holowach are continuing their friendship, colleagueship, and scholarship after retirement and emeritus recognition from San Diego State University.
Lord (1994) describes this process as one of critical colleagueship where an attempt at "productive disequilibrium" is made though informed debate, honest disagreement, and constructive conflict.
The colleagueship and support of peers is as important as individual academic excellence.
There is probably no field that relies more on networking for colleagueship, mentoring, job opportunities, and personal growth than health administration.
Retirement in 1986 from lecturing led, mirabile dictu, to six years' colleagueship with Lesslie Newbigin promoting mission to Western culture.
Plough came to Assumption with a vision to foster a campus culture of civility, collaboration and colleagueship consistent with its mission and Catholic, liberal arts tradition," he said.
Teachers' professional development: Critical colleagueship and the role of professional communities.
The task force is highly motivated, enthusiastic about the charge, and clearly committed to engaging the global nursing community in a dialogue predicated on notions of professional collaboration and colleagueship.
I wish to thank Harold Wise, Martin Cherkasky, and Victor Sidel at Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center, Bronx, New York for early encouragement and direction; to Denny Fryback, Colleen McHorney, Nancy Dunham, Jay Noren, John Mullahy, Barbara Wolfe, and Donn D'Alessio at the University of Wisconsin for colleagueship and review of these ideas; and to Alan Williams, Trevor Sheldon, and Alan Maynard of the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York, England, and Robert Evans, Morris Barer, and Clyde Hertzman at the Population Health Program at the University of British Columbia, for stimulation and the addition of many new dimensions to my knowledge and perspective.
Another amazing aspect of the conferences is the colleagueship, the opportunity to see friends twice a year, to keep up with what we are all doing across the state, and to always learn from and enjoy each other.
This brief contribution is offered with a deep sense of appreciation for the enduring colleagueship of Professor Leonard Swidler and profound gratitude for his guidance during my doctoral program as I chose a path that navigated the worlds of health care, theology, ethics, and interreligious dialogue.