collect evidence

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We have to collect evidence, and build and build until we can satisfy any reasonable individual that the accused person is guilty.
I say to Creighton Sahib, "This is not a lawsuit, that we go about to collect evidence.
ManTrap is a fully functioning deception host that gives IT managers time to determine a hacker's motives, to determine where the security breach has taken place, and to collect evidence for possible prosecution.
AG said some more time should be allowed to collect evidence in Nawab Akbar Bugti assassination case as the available evidence were not enough.
pro domain names are only issued to credentialed professionals, RegistryPro would require its registrars to collect evidence of registrants' licensing or similar credentials, such as a bar certificate or membership to a professional association.
He asked to prepare policemen more effectively to collect evidence and interview witnesses in various crime and violence cases.
With trained examiners and our new equipment, we've been able to decrease the time needed to examine a victim and collect evidence by half,'' Gocke said.
It is believed the Queen wants to collect evidence for possible action under anti-harassment legislation.
The forms also direct officers to interview children and collect evidence for endangerment prosecution.
However, a Minhajul Quran spokesperson said that they did allow the investigation team to scrutinise the area and collect evidence but claimed that they are not ready to cooperate with them in the matter.
After going to federal regulators, who asked her to covertly collect evidence, she was inexplicably contaminated with highly radioactive plutonium in November 1974.
The Safe-KIDS system incorporates features specific to law enforcement, including the ability to narrow a file-sharer's location to within about 25 miles, and an interface that makes it easy to collect evidence needed when preparing subpoenas and search warrants.