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They collect facts, and facts, and empires of facts.
As a civil society organisation, it is our responsibility to collect facts and figures regarding prowomen laws," she added.
For several years, you collect facts, you collect the tendencies in bilateral relations, political, economic sides, you talk about these relations with people and finally you reach up again, you reach the final point where all your expectations, where all your plans can become implemented.
I think court is also trying to collect facts on the December 16 incident but I feel the verdict is being delayed.
The Green Paper aims to collect facts and stakeholders' views on the impacts of plastic waste and a way of mitigating them through a European strategy.
PRASAR Bharati has decided to collect facts relating to television ratings and seek government's opinion before proceeding against rating agency Television Audience Measurement ( TAM).
According to a notice on MERX, the department is seeking the services of private investigators to collect facts, and confirm or invalidate allegations concerning elections held in First Nation communities.
At the hearing, the Commission will collect facts related to civil charges brought by the Department of Justice and examine the Department's actions in the case.
Driven to research usually by simple curiosity and by the satisfaction derived from understanding even some small part of the universe, scientists labor to probe all things living and nonliving, earthly and cosmic, to collect facts that when added to others might help humanity continue to overcome its ignorance, fears and superstitions.
We can collect facts via surveys, plot maps and aerials, and we can hear what they're saying down at City Hall.
The trust also set up the Rory Peck awards - a mark of achievement for reporters who endure danger to collect facts that might otherwise have been supressed.
Anyway, for those who like to collect facts about celebrities there is no shortage of them here.