collect facts

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They collect facts, and facts, and empires of facts.
He instructed them to go all-out to collect facts about the incident to prepare a detailed and comprehensive report.
They also interviewed some residents of the colony to collect facts and evidence.
The NIHR urges foreign media and international groups to collect facts from reliable institutions in the country rather than contacting third parties.
PESHAWAR -- Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly has directed Audit, Excise and Taxation (E and T) Departments to constitute a joint panel and present report to committee regarding current position of the 182 seized vehicles to collect facts regarding the non-auctioning and their alleged allotment to unauthorized persons.
While it is hard to find narratives in ancient Mesopotamian documents, and therefore our ideas of the reality of that period are necessarily limited, everything in this book aims to collect facts, which are of basic importance to feminist historical criticism no matter which of these frameworks inform their work.
22 statement from the Vatican press office, the pope has decided to establish the group in order to collect facts and "completely inform" the Holy See of the situation concerning the recent removal of Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager.
PDSH has prepared hundreds of amendments and tried to implement numerous projects and collect facts about the discrimination and theft inflicted to Albanians by the government of VMRO-BDI", stated from PDSH.
They collect facts and/or evidence that has to do with criminal activity.
The technical teams came to collect facts, but they then requested things which went beyond their jurisdiction.
As a civil society organisation, it is our responsibility to collect facts and figures regarding prowomen laws," she added.