collect together

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It will collect together all the items required for each hospital ward's weekly stock order, delivering them directly into the transport trolley, ready to go to the ward.
This book is a basic text that aims to collect together the different roles of nurses in the public health arena.
Collect together 40 top driving tracks and add the Top Gear logo.
Mrs Wynn-Jones said: ``Dan and ourselves often collect together.
Collect together well-illustrated catalogues such as that supplied by top paving manufacturer Bradstone (01335 372289).
And people running their own businesses or letting property need to collect together receipts, payments and other details of income and expenses.
Consequently, the reader needs to access several reference sources to collect together the latest information needed on residue methods for a particular chemical or class of chemicals.
Now, the 200 group leaders must collect together all their tokens and submit them to us before the Friday, February 1, deadline.
To do this, collect together a batch of compost materials enough to make a layer 30cm deep in your composter.
Firstly you have to collect together all those annoying bits of paper relating to your car and then trudge around to the nearest Crown Post Office.
Now, the 275 groups taking part must collect together all their tokens and submit them to us before the February 13 deadline.
It's rather an excuse to collect together hallmark songs from the 80s and 90s.