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The Mighty Beanz collectible trading card game represents our second product line and revenue driver for the building of our Genio brand.
Hake has authored 15 collectibles price guides on subjects ranging all the way from presidential campaign artifacts to television collectibles.
As with the domestic license, today's agreement with Moose provides Genio with access to hundreds of Mighty Beanz characters for use in its collectible trading card game series.
This year's report also revealed that specialty collectibles stores are closing their doors or sharply cutting back on the collectible lines they carry.
Stoelting concluded, "As we begin 2007, we have an improved and increased focus on growing our infant and children's toy product categories and are much less dependent on our collectible products category.
6) Dave Levy, owner of Big Kid, a collectible store in Van Nuys, has turned a childhood hobby of collecting toys and games into a small business.
Malamud has served as president of the Asia Pacific division of the Inter-Governmental Agency (IGPC), the world's largest postal agency which operates postal systems in 70 nations and issues thousands of collectible stamps and coins in conjunction with the Vatican, the Royal Family of the United Kingdom and international figures including John F.
Sculpting of the first collectible set actually began while the actors were still filming the movies, which were shot in sequence over a period of almost two years in New Zealand.
The HyperScan[TM] collectible cards will be available blind-packed, so gamers will not know what cards they are getting in their game packs.
Jerry Wodarz, who with his wife, Claudia, runs Claudia's Antiques and Collectibles in Canoga Park, said the shop stocks a few unusual collectibles, along with many antiques, because customers increasingly are demanding newer, less expensive items.
Competitively priced, the HyperScan(TM) game system comes complete with the console, one controller (designed for tween-sized hands), one 'X-Men(TM)' CD game and six 'X-Men(TM)' collectible game cards for an MSRP of $69.