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This series is all about Caitlin's character and the collection of facts and uncovering of clues to stop the madness.
This 31-volume universal work is a remarkable collection of facts, myths, poems, legal contracts, fables, anecdotes, recipes, legends, and more.
As the subtitle suggests, The Cloudspotter's Guide is a collection of facts about clouds and how people view them rather than a strictly scientific account of what they are and how they are formed.
Finally, Chris Hawkes' England Rugby Miscellany is a handy collection of facts and stats, an ideal source of material for pub quiz enthusiasts, a book likely to be automatically added to the 'lavatory sports books' genre.
For the second year in a row, we have augmented the Guide's substantial collection of facts and figures about New Hampshire companies and organizations with a wide range of articles offering advice on essential topics for businesspeople.
Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies, and Three Battles may represent best-selling fiction author Cornwell's first venture into nonfiction; but it's a powerful work focusing on a pivotal point in history that has long interested him, and Waterloo thus pairs his ability to bring drama and intrigue to life with an in-depth collection of facts about Waterloo, already a hit best-seller in the UK and being published in the U.
Stroop documented his work in a collection of facts and photographs entitled The Stroop Report.
His emphasis on texuality, narration, and the translation of sources to reflect new Florentine political, social, or cultural priorities; however, implies that Bruni had moved beyond the mere collection of facts and that he was acutely aware of the importance of rhetorical strategies and the active role of the author in reconstructing the past.
This book is not designed as a text book but is a collection of facts and ideas that can be used to support a comprehensive classroom mathematics programme.
And "after the collection of facts, the search for causes," reminded another, Hippolyte Taine.

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