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Commentant les critiques des deputes de ladite commission, le ministre des Domaines de l'Eetat et des Affaires foncieres, Hatem El Euchi, a tenu a preciser que plus de 350 mille hectares de terres collectives posent toujours de serieux problemes fonciers, soulignant toutefois que ces problemes ne datent pas d'aujourd'hui, mais plutot des annees 60.
I go on to argue that these are relatively narrow grounds for rejecting putative collective obligations--narrow enough that we should be open to the possibility that many such obligations apply to many relatively unstructured groups, including, probably: the German army, the prewar powers and perhaps even the people of the world at large.
Related news: Agreement on CSTO collective forces may embroil Kyrgyzstan in conflict between Russia, Ukraine - MP Bakir uulu
Two examples of collective action logic from the Court's recent federalism jurisprudence usefully illustrate how the diagnosis of a collective action shortfall can yield divergent remedies--even though it has been scholars, rather than judges, who have leveraged the insights of collective action theory best.
Collective Bias uses social media channels to engage customers and uses what it describes as a "proprietary community of over 1,400 shopping-focused influencers, blending members' shopping experience and product usage through engaging stories that are published online and shared with like-minded friends and followers.
Since collective trusts are regulated differently than mutual funds, in terms of information availability the former pose more of a challenge, says Marcia Peters, chief investment officer at adviser Portfolio Evaluations Inc.
The collective mind is a social system in which individuals contribute, understand, and coordinate their actions for the good of the team (Weick & Roberts, 1993; Yoo & Kanawattanachai, 2001).
Contemporary collective rights discourse has been largely influenced by Will Kymlicka's argument for group-differentiated rights.
So using a collective where you are able to obtain a good spread across tens or indeed hundreds of companies helps minimise risk because when an investor invests in a collective, they are effectively buying a stake in a wide range of shares.
The distinction is related to two ways in which the fitness of collectives can be understood: collective [fitness.
Collective bargaining is the process in which the terms and conditions of employment are determined jointly by the employer and workers.

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