collective agreement

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For example, the collective agreement in the leather industry declares that "married employees are entitled to a 'family supplement' for non-working wives.
With this clause now being removed, they fear that it will become harder to make Collective Agreements, which will result in more strikes and labor conflicts in the future.
It is recommended that all reasonable efforts to seek a collective agreement should be pursued over the coming months.
The main points of the new amendment include the extension of the collective agreement until 31 December 2015, extension of retirement arrangements until 31 December 2016 and a definition of a new permanent employee, whose employment terms differ from those of a senior permanent employee.
The collective agreement will assure costs cuts via improved long-haul traffic work productivity, said Mika Vehvilainen, Finnair's president and CEO.
The new collective agreement will run for 14 months, until April 2011.
In order to get future pay increases, you still need a new collective agreement and will need to ask your own employer to offer you the new agreement that is negotiated with ACS.
Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said: "Acas confirms neither UK nor European law was broken at Lindsey, and that European workers were covered by the industry's collective agreement.
Xstrata Plc (LSE: XAT), a Switzerland-based mining company, has announced that a company subsidiary, Xstrata Copper Canada, has ratified a new three year collective agreement (the agreement) with the members of CAW-Local 599 at the Kidd Metallurgical facility.
Any resulting variation to a collective agreement must be approved by the employees before re-lodging with the Workplace Authority.
The EU Court of Justice has ruled that the Polish company which had paid workers posted in Germany less than the minimum salary set out in a (German) collective agreement had the right to do so.
The amendment first states that, generally, it is not a breach of the duty of good faith for an employer to pass on to non-union staff a term negotiated with the union for the collective agreement.

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