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The dispositional characteristic that may underlie self-identify as well as a place to live motive is individualism versus collectivism (Earley and Gibson, 1998).
The regression results in Table 6 also found collectivism as a significant variable affecting normative and intuitive negotiation styles of Muslim students.
Controlling for wealth and also for moral standards, collectivism still correlated 'fairly strongly' with the willingness to offer payments under the table.
In addition, the child indoctrinated into collectivism is made to acquire a form of developmental psychopathology that suppresses his innate longing for autonomy.
Both its history and the events of this past week show clearly that the collectivism that has dominated the Haitian outlook is a path only to poverty and destruction.
Collectivism as its opposite pertains to societies in which people from birth onwards are integrated into strong, cohesive in groups, which throughout people's lifetime continue to protect them in exchange for unquestioning loyalty.
Thus individualism implies a loosely knit social framework in which people are supposed to take care of themselves and of their immediate families only, while collectivism is characterised by a tight social framework in which people distinguish between in-groups and out-groups (Paine and Organ, 2000).
In-Group Collectivism, or Collectivism II, is the degree to which individuals express pride, loyalty and cohesiveness in their organizations or families.
These horizontal and vertical patterns--with their different emphases on equality and hierarchy--combine with individualism and collectivism to produce four distinct patterns by which some components of cultural values can be captured: horizontal individualism, vertical individualism, horizontal collectivism, and vertical collectivism.
Given the central role of collectivism in Chinese society, we expect collectivistic Web site appeals to be schema consistent among Chinese Internet users and, therefore, require less cognitive processing than individualistic appeals, which are schema inconsistent.
Dimensions of collectivism are visible in organizational functions and workplace behaviors (Aycan et al.
Sadly, this country isn't governed by people like Nick, Keynes or myself at present; it's governed by people who have an deep-rooted ideological disposition against using the proven benefits of collectivism and public service to build a better world.