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An individualist culture in a threatening situation from an outside force will become more collectivist because of the need to band together for survival,
The old collectivists were perhaps more demonstrably dangerous than the new, because they knew what they wanted to do.
Th collectivist group consisted of 11 baseball, 4 basketball, and 12 football players.
Steidlmeier (1993) argues that the trait of anthropocentrism is less common in collectivist societies because of the individualist human element involved.
Intergenerational influences within collectivist cultures are transmitted through social norms, cultural values, and sex-role perceptions, and can be manifested through an individual's responses to advertising and promotion (Childers and Rao, 1992).
Collectivist negotiators tend to assume that details can be worked out if the negotiators can agree on generalities.
Although each group has its own language, culture, and history in the United States, there is a growing literature that suggests that the API cultures are more collectivist than individualist (that is, these cultures tend to downplay the goals of individuals in favor of those of the group) (Hattori et al.
It is worth taking a moment to reconsider this collectivist approach to social justice and, more particularly, its Habermasian influence.
Ezrahi is particularly effective when he highlights the various manifestations of this collectivist thinking in Israeli society.
In Part I, I expound, in general terms, the collectivist commitment to rich public debate.
Members in a collectivist society contribute to the formulation of cultural norms and values.
The rationale underlying the Dunkin' Donuts Gap justification for the exclusionary rule is essentially a collectivist rationale.