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In fact, the calculated tolls are based on the information which is produced as part of a collectivized management of the infrastructures.
Fifty percent of the peasant farms throughout the country had been collectivized, he claimed, and the country had exceeded the Five-Year Plan for collectivization by more than 100 percent.
There is something about collective endeavors that requires that reason be collectivized.
It abolished private property and forced farmers to work together on collectivized farms.
1992: The red and the green: The rise and fall of collectivized agriculture in marxist regimes.
After 1920, the Bolsheviks collectivized the region and subjugated its natives, known as Laaps or Saami.
New solidarities are being forged; international convergences for common actions are being built; alternatives to the dominant economic and military world order are here being collectivized.
Something terrible happens to the writing when it becomes consensus--and collectivized.
The centerpiece of Cardenas's plan for Yucatan was a federally administered land reform project, in which the haciendas, which produced fiber for use in the manufacture of rope and twine, were to be collectivized, as "ejidos.
While Kosak's readiness to assign a democratic consciousness to immigrants for whom neither homeland culture nor American reality evinced such a democratic ethos is, at times, dissatisfying, the author's discussion of immigrant self-empowerment seems more convincing, especially when located in a collectivized sense of community.
At the onset of the Communist revolution, the state assumed ownership of land and enforced a collectivized model of living.