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Once seeds are planted and crops are harvested, farmers can collect any seeds, including Roundup Ready seeds.
In recent years, a growing number of teachers have turned to agencies to collect tuition payments.
On his three days off from his bike rounds, Bill sets up shop in front of local supermarkets that allow him to collect donations for the City of Hope.
We are challenged not only by the amount of time it takes to treat our patients, but also by the amount of time it takes to collect for our services.
firm that licenses and collects mechanical royalties) and register your company and songs with ASCAP, BMI or SESAC (each collects performance royalties).
The need to collect comes out of fear, and a corresponding need to be omnipotent in a little space.
Interseroh, which collects transport packaging for the furniture, electronics, and plumbing industries, is requiring that a contract number be printed on each transport carton.
If the taxpayer's spouse also collects benefits based on the taxpayer's PIA, their total collections over 20 years would be $412,585 without the FSA and $412,571 with it.
The Company's LogSmart(R) Internet Protocol Database (IPDB) efficiently collects and protects all event data from any IP device without filtering or agents.
They've changed the way people collect in an award-winning recycling program," he remarks.
Farhood of Van Nuys collects mirrors (40), whale figures (56), music boxes (29), dolls (40), nesting dolls (more than 100), mice figures (104), plus rabbits, turkeys, ghosts, miniature metal soldiers and Santas.
Under the terms of this arrangement, IODA will provide all necessary data to SoundExchange for the labels that opt to collect the copyright holder portion of the digital performance royalty through IODA.