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Furthermore, to know the impact of different factors such as pay and benefits, communication, performance appraisal, supervision and collegiality, career development and management on job satisfaction.
Full authority must also have responsibility for all actions and inactions as well; less collegiality will be ineffectual.
The title of this volume indicates its twofold topic: the notion of episcopal collegiality as it was developed at Vatican II, and the influence of Paul VI on this development.
Another challenging quality of collegiality is its inclusive, participative, decision-making model.
If we are going to argue about the appropriateness of collegiality then we need to better understand the concept.
Robinson (1996) argues that a new kind of collegiality is needed to overcome separations that have been institutionalized and assigned different status.
Within the everyday governance of the corporatised university, top-down managerialism has also largely replaced the collegiality of the past.
Multidimensional aspects of trust regarding motives, competence, dependability, and collegiality are essential for successful collaborative ventures (Ferguson, 1999; Stead & Harrington, 2000).
If one's academic life is proceeding smoothly, the subject of collegiality is rarely mentioned.
While teams can sometimes be artificially or arbitrarily formed, whether it is by supervisors, as was our case, or by colleagues, we found that over time our sense of team grew into a sense of collegiality and friendship.
What was remarkable to me about AABP was its collegiality and openness.
In my own experience, what protects incompetence in the bureaucracy is the spirit of collegiality that encourages government officials not to blow the whistle on the other guy's ineptitude lest he call attention to theirs.

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