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He collided with the door-jamb, and, ere Jerry could follow him, whirled around in a part circle into the centre of the floor just in time to receive the next shell squarely upon his head.
He landed on the beach in the midst of a driving thunder squall that was so dense that he collided with Huru-Huru before he saw him.
They had travelled little more than a hundred yards, when Henry, who was in front, bent down and picked up something with which his snowshoe had collided.
I came in violent collision with a large woman in front of me (the man with the split coat had vanished), while those behind collided against me.
Its consequent abrupt retreat collided it with a stout old lady, who squealed and dropped her bag of peanuts.
I could see, as he approached, that he was looking at me strangely, but he collided with the combatants and was hurled headlong to the ground.
Several times I collided against hard objects, once striking my right knee a terrible blow.
He stopped so sbruptly that his back collided with the colt's nose, and there was a lively minute of rearing and plunging.
In the third accident, vehicles collided with each other since one of the drivers violated traffic lights.
Two pilgrims - an Egyptian woman and a Filipino child - died and 37 others injured when their bus collided with a huge truck in Dhalam near Taif on Thursday, said Siraj Al-Humaidan, spokesman of the head department in Taif.
Among them are the drivers of the car and the van that collided on Saturday morning, as well as two women, including a mother and her child.
According to police, Muhammad Aamir of Mouza Jhaleen Wali was going to Tahir Wani by motorcycle when his 2-wheelers collided with a tractor trolley near patrolling check post at national highways.