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When the ball collides with the wall, the wall may push and redirect the ball toward a desired direction.
Such ripples appear whenever a small galaxy- collides nearly head-on with a larger one, says Block.
A 3 mm-diameter ruby ball collides with the ridge at 7200 rpm rotational speed.
The following scenario will occur: an arriving passenger aircraft taxiing to its gate collides with a stair truck.
In this region, warm, moist air blowing north from the Gulf of Mexico collides with drier air from the high plateaus of Mexico.
When such a galaxy collides with another galaxy, its retrograde rotation tends to push gas toward its tenter rather than pull it out as a tail or streamer.
When an electron collides with an infrared photon at a 90#161# angle, it gives up some of its energy to the photon, which is converted to an X ray.