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A SEVENYEAROLD boy was fighting for his life today after colliding with a car.
NIST has successfully developed an experimental technique and a numerical model to study the dynamic behavior of a head colliding with a disk.
It mounted the pavement and collided with a shop front and two pedestrians before returning to the carriageway and colliding with a parked and unattended Vauxhall Vectra.
The Internet now contains colliding Top Level Domains (TLDs)," Leah Gallegos, president of the Atlantic Root Network Inc.
Colliding bodies left over from planet formation probably generated the debris.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - An international test team is trying to save lives by keeping fast-moving, high-performance jets from colliding with other aircraft.
Electrons colliding with atomic nitrogen may paint the sky pink, blue or purple (though these colors are difficult for the human eye to detect).
A NUNEATON motor cyclist who had decided to turn back on his journey due to road conditions died after colliding with a trailer being towed by a car on a blind bend, an inquest heard.
Peering deep into the maelstrom of two colliding galaxies, astronomers have discovered a cluster of massive stars exploding like fire-crackers.
com/dpp/news/national/Grab_WXYZ_huge-hole-in-united-airlines-plane-after-it-collides-with-bird1343814773736) told WXYZ that the United Airlines personnel are equipped for scenarios such as the bird colliding with the plane.
Mum-of-one Amanda Bakewell, of Trefnant, was killed after colliding with a tractor outside the Denbighshire village earlier this month.
How does a cue ball colliding with a colored ball change the way both balls move?