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The information compiled in the different stages of the research has made use of the notions of word frequency, keywords and lexico-grammatical relations, that is to say, the lexicogrammatical phenomena of collocation, semantic prosody and colligation.
Colligation is a similar term that shows a general relation between the constituents in a construction as that between an adjective and a noun in He is a chain smoker (Matthews, 2007).
The most central and important analytic constructs of the chapter are those listed on the first page: "collocation, colligation and semantic prosody" (33).
Colligation is the grouping of particular historical events as part of one large event.
In such a comparison, students value the collocational strength of the preposition with for the construction, in opposition to address, which does not demand the colligation.
Thus, in the case of take and hand, the ambiguity of the lexical collocation is usually resolved by the colligation.